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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"The End"...

Does anyone else have trouble getting to the end of a journal?  Mine become friends, in the weeks we spend together, and I have trouble facing that last page...

Sometimes I go back in and fill in corners or pages I've inadvertantly skipped...or toned paper I didn't use at the time because I didn't have opaque media with me.  

I've actually tipped in extra pages of lighter weight paper to let me work longer in a particular book. 

But eventually, I get to the back of the book, and that's what this is.  

Quite often I'll use that inside back cover for notes to myself, as you see above.  Something I meant to look up, recommendations for video-shooting aids, observations, phone numbers, measurements, whatever...but eventually, I have to get ready to let go and move on to a new book.

Soooo...I took this one to our local Art Crawl Friday night and entertained myself by sketching the gallery owner, good friend Molly Morgan Roberts, whose shop showed up last month in this image:

I was her featured artist this past Friday night, and it was a GOOD crowd...as you can tell.  But of course I've got bits of four Mollys in there too...can you tell which ones are her in the top image?  

This was a great way to finish up this journal, which I really enjoyed...

And now on to the next one, full of possibilities!  

Funny, I don't have as much trouble STARTING a new journal as I do letting go of one that's become an old friend.  I once set one aside for almost  years before I was able to finish it--it had been a traumatic time for me and I just wasn't ready.  I sketched and journaled, all right, but not in that particular book...

Anyone else have that problem?


  1. I only have the one sketchbook (my Moleskine Watercolour) and it contains all of my drawings- sketches, online drawing challenges, longer illustrated pieces. So in one way, it does not have the natural flow of a journal, but it still documents my life and current art projects.

    I carry my sketchbook with me all the time and when I start a new sketchbook I usually carry the old one with me for a week or so . This is pure 'showing off"in case someone asks to see my work, and I can than actually have something to show them .

    I use the inside back cover to write down the names of books, websites and other hints that people tell me along the way. I just have to remember to follow up on these!

    I am always surprise at how quickly I get to the end of a sketchbook!

  2. I agree. A sketchbook is something created by you about your life experiences. There is something that feels strange about closing up one part of your life and starting another, kind of like moving (which I recently did, and am still adjusting to). It seems that having those "old" sketches to refer back to give you a personal identity or center to work from. I keep my old sketch books close and leaf through them, and maybe add things here and there.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I also do what Alissa does, keeping my full sketch journal with me for a while until the new one has enough in it to be interesting. And I also keep a page at the back with "need to know" stuff and I rewrite it into each new sketch journal.

    Kate, congratulations on being the featured artist on Friday. As for your great crowd sketch, I don't know Molly but I think I see five of her.

  4. I'm the opposite, I LOVE moving on to the next book, I often leave the last few pages so keen am I to move on! But usually my diary doubles up as my sketchbook so I automatically move on to the next one at new year. But then I also love moving house, new hobbies etc.
    Also just want to say how very much I enjoy the facebook page, thank you for setting that up.

  5. I tend to skip around in my journal. I date each entry, but the dates don't always follow in sequence. Before I start a new Journal I try to completely fill in the old one. I look forward to starting a new journal and I am surprised how long it takes me to fill in those single and half pages.

  6. Gosh, Kate, I love to start a new journal and sort of drag my feet so to speak when I get down to those last few pages! I used to have difficulty starting on the first page and would always start a few pages in. Then I'd go back and work on the those first pages once I had some subsequent pages filled. Now I find that I have to use the last few pages for doodles and notes and things so I won't slow to a crawl as I approach the end. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  7. Thanks, all, for your interesting comments and experiences!

    Alissa, that has the flow of real life, I think. That's usually how I do mine...whatever is happening at time time goes in. It changes day to day and hour to hour...

    Fay, I refer back to my sketches too! Sometimes they're great memory boosts...

    Ruca, sometimes I carry my old one along too, especially if I'm traveling or going somewhere that someone might like to see the sketches!

    Nina, I'm delighted you like our Facebook page! Are you also in our Flickr group?

    Kim, I've been skipping around like that too, the last few years...especially if I've bound in some toned paper and I don't want to work on it even though it's the next page up. I also go back and fill in corners on a page, if I want to.

    Deb, I've used my last few pages for notes, as well! But then sometimes I'll be so reluctant to get to the end I'll add sketches right on top of the notes!

  8. As I approach the end of a journal, I start feeling the worry of not having a journal to work in--and that always supersedes the attachment I have to the current journal. So I eagerly bind myself a new journal to assure myself of a seamless transition so I don't have to "go without." The act of picking out a new cover and trying out new paper always piques my excitement and allows me to complete the old journal with no reluctance. It's my "carrot" that nudges me onward to finish up that last page and feel complete, and leap into a fresh start. Of course, if I didn't make my own journals, it would probably be more difficult to come to the end of "an old friend." It makes all the difference to know I can make myself a beautiful, brand new book to work in.

  9. I'm like Nina and Deb. I'm so eager to start a new book, all those lovely pages waiting, I always start the new one before the last 2 or 3 pages are completed.

    I like the idea of making a list on the last page of needs-to-know and hints.

    Perhaps also what worked well and a sort of index, especially as I use most of my journals as a art-trial space and then journal over the top, or draw, or leave as is if I particularly like the effect achieved.

  10. Great to read everybody's responses here, as I've just finished up a journal and I'm going through the traumatic process of letting go and beginning anew! Thanks to everybody for sharing your sentiments.


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