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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Caran d'Ache opaque watercolors/gouache

Hi all!  You may remember we've discussed the Caran d'Ache opaque watercolors/gouache set in this post: http://artistsjournalworkshop.blogspot.com/2011/07/gouache-again.html 
and did a comparison with other brands and types.  It fared well, as you can read in the post and in the comments!

(If you want more gouache-inspiration, check out the labels in the sidebar at right...14 posts on gouache!)

I just had to try these, and quite honestly I think they're extremely nice...they re-wet well, they're smooth, they're nice and dense...but as some of you know, I'm needing to simplify my studio and my life, so I'm passing along some of my art supplies to people who actually WILL use them!  (I'd originally thought to transfer the cakes to a smaller metal box, but I gave that one to my youngest godchild!)

The only problem with this set, for me, is that it IS very sturdy, and just too big and heavy for field work, given my arthritis, and I already have a palette of gouache I use at home.  Sooooo...if you're interested, there's a great bargain on eBay right now! :-D


  1. Hi there! I love the packaging of this specific red palette. Where can we find it now?


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