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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You never know what will happen next!

What I love about keeping a regular sketchbook just for yourself is that at times it seems to take you places you never really expect.
Trip 2012 Volume 3 NYC

After my overseas trip in July I was all inspired and keen to do some different things. I attended the 3rd International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santo Domingo (always an amazing source of inspiration) and then afterwards spent a week in New York sketching and socializing madly. This single image shows all the sketches I did that week. There is no doubt that I was somewhat out of control with my sketching.
120822 End of an era- trying something new 3

I got home and had the desire to try something different and experiment… so I choose a sketchbook (Canson Universal) which did not have watercolour paper in the hope that this would loosen me up to try new things. The paper turned out better than expected and although the paper buckled, it made a lovely crinkly sound. I also started a 'sketch and walk' in the morning for 30 minutes before work. I walk for 20 minute and then sketch for 10…and find that I get into the office pumping!
120831 Morning markers

And then, one day I thought I would try to use markers (alcholol based markers than graphic designers use/used and I did a workshop at the symposium by Eduardo Bajzek who has been doing amazing things with them)

For a while now, I have thought that markers would be the perfect medium for me to use at work (I am an architect) as they are quick, can be used on bond paper, are dry and scan well. But I just never got the hang of them during office time...so I needed to test them out on the streets for myself.

Friday morning: markering from the gutter

Well… after one or two days I got hooked and have been using them for the last 5 weeks…even to the point that last week I took my watercolour kit out of my everyday bag (purse) …shock horror- I would never think that would happen!..but I really hadn't touch them in 2 weeks.

120907 Between Thursday and Friday

I am mainly using Copic markers and they have the really big disadvantage of bleeding through practically every paper…

120921 This week

so I ended up only using every second spread and then use red dots to close the bleed through spread together….which was a nice graphic…though I was going through the sketchbook really fast (here is one weeks sketches)

120911 Last regular earl grey tea for 2012
Trying them out on my signature tea cup sketch… they have limitations with mixing…but so much fun!
120929 Tea Tasting at DragonWell Teahouse 1
120929 Tea Tasting at DragonWell Teahouse 2
And then, on the weekend I was out with Alissa Duke at a very special Chinese tea house and after doing a quick sketch with markers suddenly felt that I just need to record this with my paint… so I did a second sketch. This was a sign to me that the markers are fine for my morning sketch and walk…but deep down watercolour is still the BEST for me!
I am now using a moleskine cahier… but getting ready to go back to a sketchbook with paper that is watercolour friendly!

But who knows where I will end up next …. I like going with the flow in my sketchbooks….

BTW more of my markering here


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful. Your teacup sketches are amazing.

  2. Wonderful post, Liz!! Your sketchbooks are so inspiring!

  3. Thank you for a WONDERFUL post, Liz! How incredibly inspiring!

  4. Your sketchbook is so beatiful!

  5. Brilliant! Amazing sketches and a good insight into the different mediums, papers and techiques!

  6. So many lessons here! Work lots, build in time where you can, try new things!

  7. Gorgeous sketches, and I love the idea of the Sketch and Walk, great idea!

  8. Great post, Liz. You may have switched tools, but your lovely style shines through.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Liz, this is such an ambitious and impressive post!


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