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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Does your imagination take you interesting places?

Mine does...or maybe it's not imagination, just looking with fresh eyes.  I often see tree people (or animals, or Green Men) in the woods or elsewhere...how about you?

My wooden fence has eyes...my textured wall has a very cranky female in it...

Are we programmed to anthropomorphize? And do you record it in your journal, like I do?


  1. My grand kids gave me your book, The Artists Journal for Christmas - I am enjoying reading it and getting so much inspiration

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying it! (You must have very cool grandkids to know how to please you!)

  3. We're born with the skill of recognizing faces that's why babies study us so closely happy new year!

  4. I always spot faces and bodies in trees. Must also be an influence of looking at Arthur Rackham illustrations. great post! x

  5. I so love to see faces in trees and rocks and anywhere else in nature. I do record these observations in my journal. I am very connected to the natural world and have somewhat animistic beliefs. Your beautiful drawings remind me very much of an artist friend of mine in the New Forest, Nicholas Cox. Have you heard of him?

  6. Thanks all! Yes, Mary, I think animals are born with that gift too--anything with two eyes seems to elicit a response.

    Catriona, it sure could be! I certainly saw a lot of Rackham's work as a child!

    Acorn, no I haven't heard of Nicholas, but I will surely look him up, and thank you! I took a walk one New Year's Day and sketched no end of these tree people...I need to find that old journal again!


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