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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving My Art Around . . .

First, I must say I feel badly about not having posted to this blog more often. I read it all the time and so enjoy the company and the inspiration. I devoted all of last year to my iPad Studio Workbooks -teaching artists to create their art (and art journals) on the iPad, but this year, I am craving the feel of my real world sketchbooks, watercolor paints and pencils for awhile.

Inspired by some artists here, I decided to try the Stilman & Birn Beta sketchbook and fell instantly in love. It has everything I have been searching for since before I even started keeping actual artist journals. I have always painted on Arches 300 lb cold press paper and never found any comparable feel in a book before. The Beta pages are not as heavy, of course, but watercolor behaves in a similar way.

One thing I love to do in my journals is collect the random sketches I make all over the place (including in my iPad), and create a more comprehensive collection. I really think in the long run, it will be my artist journals that will comprise my most precious life works - to me at least!

So, I was really thrilled when I discovered how beautifully the Beta book accepted transfers made with my Sheer Heaven process (the Zeta book does also). This means I can move work from anywhere into a single journal.

The spread I posted above is comprised of two transfers of a sketch I made years ago while preparing a workshop, watercolor wash and painting, and a poem I wrote very recently. I did the type on the computer, printed reversed on Sheer Heaven and transferred to the journal spread - right over the wash.

I have posted a complete step-by-step on my own blog to show how, exactly, this spread came together. You can see that here:

Hopefully, I will be a more familiar face around here. Cathy does such a wonderful job of keeping this blog delightful!


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  1. Jessica, it's so good to see you here! Thank you for such an informative and interesting post!


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