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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tip 'o the page to you!

Ever have a journal with paper you just really didn't like or got bored with?

I bound too much Arches Text into this one and discovered I really don't much like it.  I had a whole signature to plow through...so I tipped in two more pages of paper I DO like here and there.  Frankfort ROCKS...


  1. No issues with the pages coming out? Might be a fun way to add some colored paper...... hum?

    1. Not so far, Elaine! I did it a couple of journals ago, too, and mine get hard use. You do need to use a good glue (I used Elmer's), press that little line of glue right into the fold and then let it dry thoroughly, but they're IN there.

      It might not work as well with a heavy paper, like 140 lb. but this is lighter.

  2. Bless you for your uncanny timing! I am most of the way through my journal made with Strathmore 500 multi-media paper....the paper is fine for many things, but it's just not watercolor paper and I hate not being able to use really juicy washes. With a full signature to go, I have begun to feel I am under some kind of prison sentence. No more! Tomorrow I tip in decent watercolor paper! :-)

    1. You GO girl! I really like the Multimedia stuff for many uses, but yeah, sometimes you just have to have WC paper. (Not sure how the heavier stuff will tip in, though, be sure to let us know...)

      I just gave away the rest of the full sheets I'd gotten of that Arches Text. It's not me. It's TOO SOFT.

  3. Replies
    1. Desperate times call for desperate measures! I was SOOO much happier to have a break from that paper...


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