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Friday, August 23, 2013

Bookshelf and Supply Catalog tabs are gone, sorry...

Sorry, all, if you were used to checking our virtual bookshelf or supply catalog...Missouri enacted the internet sales tax law, and as it has in other states, Amazon canceled their associates here.  The links won't open, now.

It's not Amazon, it's my beloved state, so don't blame Amazon!  How cold they possibly collect sales tax for Missouri if someone in Iowa clicked on a link and bought a secondhand book from someone in Florida?  That's how the links worked...convoluted, I know, and no wonder Amazon didn't want to deal with that impossible maze!

IF this unconstitutional law is ever repealed, the bookshelf and catalog will be back! 

I replaced our old Personal Favorite Supplies tab, though...links within it may not work, but the info is still good.

Thanks for understanding...

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