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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Painting with Gouache - Sandy Williams

It's 41 degrees this morning here in Michigan and, although we don't have snow, it's certainly cold   enough to remind me that it isn't that far behind us.  This is a snowscape I did using gouache to paint over the pen and ink and watercolor pencil painting.  Gouache was perfect to add the opaque touches for the snow.

There have been some discussions lately about painting with gouache.  It's my favorite medium and I'm passionate about using it to create detailed paintings of birds, botanicals and animals.  I'd like to invite you to sign up to my monthly newsletter  with tips about gouache, art in general and fun projects.  I hope you'll join in.  Go to www.soundofwings.com and click on the blue button on the top of the "Learning Center" page.  I also have books on painting with gouache available as immediate downloads or as print books on Amazon.  I hope you'll drop by!


  1. Sandy's books are a great help. There is very little else available to help understand this very versatile and expressive medium.

  2. Sandy, thanks so much for sharing this! Wonderful stuff...I'll pass it along. I love working with gouache, but it IS different!


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