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Friday, December 24, 2010

Blog co-authors!

We're up to 22 co-authors for this blog, from the wonderful artists who took part in the book, with a few more we hope will be able to join us--if you've clicked the links next to their names in the Book Artists list at right, you know there is a lot to look forward to!

We'll be posting interviews with all of them, starting, as noted, the day after Christmas with Danny Gregory. 

As time goes by, these co-authors will chime in with new insights, posts, and images.  I can't wait!

Some of the names in the blog co-authors list aren't entirely self-explanatory, but fun!  Veteran journal-keeper and all 'round inspiration Roz Stendahl, for instance, shows up there as "journalrat," and one of my earliest online inspirations, Spanish artist Enrique Flores, is 4ojos, whom you may have seen by that name on YouTube.  My dear friend Laura Frankstone's blog is Laurelines, and that's what you'll see in the co-author's list. 

We invite you to explore, bookmark these sites, and watch for the insights on journal-keeping you'll find here in future weeks and months!

And a most Merry Christmas and wonderful holidays to you all!

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