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Monday, December 27, 2010

TIPS, IDEAS...and feedback?

Hi all...

We plan to add journaling tips to this site, between interviews, but what else would you like to see?  Book reviews?  Websites?  Videos?  Classes?

We want to know what YOU need...please put your suggestions into the comments here!


  1. I'd love to see other blogs that feature illustrated journals. I have many blogs on Google reader, but would love to know if there are others that inspire....

  2. forgive me but....maybe info on the making of the journal?

  3. Tips on "just doing it"... sometimes I go days without an entry because I can not think of something to put onto the pages.... Jane's simple entries and some one else's series on salt shakers have helped. I look around my home some days and go brain dead... looking at other's work also helps trigger an idea.


  4. Shirley, you have a good point. There is sooo much wonderful journaling going on out there, it would be nice to see links to sites that inspire not only the book artists but those who follow this blog.

    I think sharing ideas on what types of journals are used/made is helpful. Especially papers used.

    Elizabeth, I'm giggling..... I can't find enough time to get all that sparks my eyes down on paper and you are the opposite. Perhaps just doodling on separate pieces of paper that you eventually put into a journal will take some of the pressure off and you'll find a new freedom.

    For me, I love reviews on paper, art supplies, art books, guide books, helpful reference websites, and love seeing demos. Many that take my workshops say they learn the most from watching how I create a page. I know I learn best by watching other artist's techniques. It's nice to see the final result, but how did you get there?

  5. Classes...tips...especially how to simplify, simplify, simplify when you are trying to sketch complicated scens.
    Oh product reviews for favorite products of the sketchers. I know Roz is good at this, but I'd like to hear from others as well.

  6. Thanks for the great suggestions! Shirley and all, feel free to share links!

    I have a small collection of links on bookbinding--Shirley, yours is one! If you don't mind, I'd like to share that, too. Jana Bouc's is good, Roz's stuff is classic, and if you have other favorite links, please let me know.

    Keep 'em coming, all! I can't browse as much as I'd like, so if you have a favorite link, please email me! I'll put my contact info in the sidebar at right...

  7. And now there's the beginning of a bookbinding links section, and a few more books and DVDs up in the sidebar.

    It's a start!

  8. I agree with all of the above. I'd really like to see some links to other blogs showing journalling and some ideas to stir up some inspiration. :)

  9. Hopefully, people will send me good links, Rebecca! Roz and Shirley, both in the Bookbinding links, do wonderful journaling blogs for now, though!

  10. I'd like to see demos and information on composing the pages. I'm so excited about this blog!

  11. Preferred art supplies & papers / journals, tips on bookbinding, "heads up" on notable art journals out there, step-by-step on page design . . . . I'd like to see all of these!

  12. Sounds like great ideas, you two, keep them coming!


We'd love your feedback...please share your thoughts!

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