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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Composite pages for busy days...

Sometimes you only have time for a very-quick sketch or two--sometimes I allow that single sketch to be all that there is on a page, but this is also my JOURNAL, recording what's going on in my life.

Here are three days' worth of sketches and notes...the ongoing studio/office reorganization and the funny things we've turned up (a newspaper clipping from the house blessing here in 1977, old photos, records of payment for paintings sold 30 years ago, royalty reports for back when books sold very nicely, thank you), lunch with friends, the antics of my silly cat, Ellis, and notes about life...

Keely came first, in pencil, at a quick lunch...then the corner of the office a day later, then the cat sketches in the corner, where I had room.  Later, because I'm enjoying my Lamy Safari pen, I went over the sketch of Keely in ink to match the rest of the page, and added a touch of white Prismacolor to suggest dimension...it's a fun page that captures a moment in time. 

Who knows, it may not be done yet...maybe a little more white...


  1. Very nice. It looks as if you used some of that quick sketching you are offering in that mini-course I need to sign up for still. (There was a little matter of needing a new printer, phone minutes and ink this month that sort of stopped me in my tracks).

    Seriously, I am finding very inexpensive books for the kindle. I have read too, about people self-publishing reader/computer only versions of books now and although you still only get a portion from Amazon, you don't have an editor taking another cut. The rest is yours. Check out this article: http://www.kk.org/thetechnium/archives/2011/03/99_cent_books.php

    I have lost my shortcut to use html for a live link. Sorry.

    I am reading one book on my kindle right now about drawing. I bought it to see how it would be. The pictures are black and white (if an artist uses values well that shouldn't be much of a problem, right) but so far it's working well. The nook has color so I'll have to see how that works when I visit my sister as that is what she has and also, anyone with an Ipad or other pad like that should be able to see the color. I really think this is the future for getting decent money for your books. (And you don't have to go down to 99cents as the article talks about either).

  2. I love your journal art. Very creative!
    cheers Sandra

  3. Thank you! Composite pages are fun...

    Timaree, I've been thinking about e-books for a couple of years! Too many irons in the fire right now though...

  4. I love your composite pages, always full of true life! I also like go back on already made pages, adding other ideas and sketches, and often I find interesting messages in the links between the different things on the page! Ciao from Italy!

  5. Fun to be reminded to do this kind of page, Miss Kate! I seem to do them more in my travel sketchbooks than in my ones for real life. It's a great format!

  6. Thank you both! Cristina, that's it exactly! And sometimes I go back to a specific page when something seems it would fit well there. Usually I add that day's date, so a page may have 3 or more dates on it...

    Miss Laura, of late my entire life feels like a travel journal. :-)

  7. Lovely page! Inspirational as always :-D It took me a while, but I'm really getting to love my Lamy Safari pen and Noodler's Ink too!

  8. Here too, Deb! I still only like the Lexington gray ink...the others just don't work for me.

    As always, the paper you're using makes a HUGE difference. Nothing wanted to work on Saturday, for some reason...a very soft paper, and all my pens (and Vicky's!) just wanted to skip. This morning on Fabriano HP, it was LOVELY.


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