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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fast Sketching My Way Around a Wildlife Center

Back in March, Rob and I spent a lovely afternoon walking along the manicured trails of the Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah, GA.

The second feature along the trail was an area where two Sandhill Cranes reside. I didn't want to leave!

They walked over from the far side of their area to right below the bridge we stood on. A few more people came a long and the cranes let out a sound that made all of us jump!  Goodness, they are loud!

I sketched and painted for a bit then we made our way to see the Bobcat..... very well hidden.

On to the Red Foxes.  Yes! From there we walked to the Birds of Prey area. By then. the no-seeums were having they're way with us!
We saw the Center's herd of White-tailed Deer and then moved on to see the pack of Gray Wolves.

You can observe the wolves from a bridge that overlooks their area or you can go into a building with one-way glass. Both vantage points were exciting as it was feeding time.  Nothing like seeing the pecking order of a wolf pack first hand. I'm hoping the addition of color will help the wolf head sketches....

Our last stop... the American Bison.  Wow! Pappa is one big dude!!

We were on our way back to the parking lot and I just couldn't stand it... I had to go back to see the cranes again :)

So, a few more crane sketches to surround the Bison :)

I've been hoping to finish these pages with color using the reference photographs we took... hopefully soon.  Then I'll add some more words. The first crane page is begging for a calligraphic touch :)

What a great place to practice fast sketching! I can't wait to go back :)


  1. Lovely sketches Pam and a nice story to go with them.

  2. I agree with Phil. It feels like I have had a day out at the Wildlife Center too.

  3. Thank you, Phil and Ann! Oatland Island is a real treasure and has great school programs. It's the closest thing to a zoo in this area.

  4. These are wonderful, Pam! I'd love to have been with you...your cranes look so Japanese...

  5. I just LOVE these, Pam!!! What a wonderful day. :)

  6. Kate,
    Thanks!! Boy, it would be grand to sketch together :) Come on over :)

    Thanks! It was a great get-away and only an hour away.

  7. Pam, these pages are lovely. I feel as if I had taken the walk with you. Roz

  8. These are great. It reminds me that I need to make time to lighten up and just sketch sometimes. It's good for the mind and the soul and makes you a better artist. And it's just plain fun!

  9. Awesome job in quick sketching, and the story behind it.

  10. Thank you, all! I'm away and just got some time on the internet and am so happy to see all the comments :) I can't say enough about what a joy it was to try and sketch wildlife in contained areas. I'm addicted now :)


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