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Monday, August 29, 2011

Annual Summer Camping Trip - Utica Reservior

by Gay Kraeger

Every August our neighborhood goes camping in the central Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Years ago a friend of mine found this secluded reservoir in the Stanislaus National Forest. She told me it was like having your own private Sierra lake and I would would never want to leave. We did leave, but I have gone back every year since that first trip.

This year I was a little disorganized with the packing. My youngest daughter had a baby shower the day before we left. I was not the one who couldn't find my sunglasses though...

I love waking up in the morning and sitting on the granite and having a cup of tea

We hiked up to Lake Alpine, six miles up the hill from Utica. The spot where we stopped for lunch has a lovely creek that flows directly over the granite rocks. I have drawn it a couple of times. It is always a hard decision, eat, or draw. I usually draw fast then I have a little time to gulp my food. I color when I get back to the campsite.


  1. These are lovely...love the way that you weave the words into the sketches. Beautiful!

  2. Love the way you sketch and write..it's beautiful!

  3. Lovely pages! Thanks also for a breath of cooler air, it was 112 yesterday and 109 today in lovely Central Texas, I needed that mountain breeze even if it was just in my imagination.

  4. Perfect! What materials do you use for drawing? For the big lettering? The writing? Thanks.

  5. You really pass on a sense of "being there". Lovely.


  6. As usual, Gay, your pages are wonderful. Sounds like a great family tradition to keep every year and I love the way you document the fun. Hope to take another of your classes some day.

  7. Thank you everybody. Margo, I wish I could take just a little of that heat. It has been a cool summer here in central CA. Gina, I use whatever I have in my little bag. For these pages I used a very fine blue ballpoint pen and tube watercolors I squeezed into a plastic palette before I left.


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