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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New (silly!) plein air, video!

I learned a great deal, playing with this one! MOST important is that it's difficult to paint in the Jeep with my journal in my lap while holding the camera in the other hand! Talk about hand-held jiggly pictures!

The string that shows in the bottom of some frames is the camera strap...and sometimes I just wandered off the page entirely as I focused on painting, not filming. (I edited out the worst of those!)

I'm also exploring my video edition software with...interesting...results! (I see I forgot to delete "Director Name" on the end of the credits...that's ok, it's pretty undirected!)

Still...I hope you have fun with this!


  1. I enjoyed this very much, Cathy. I never thought to water-mist the paints first, but what a great idea. And I loved your technique to tissue blot for some foliage effects in the trees. Great little video - thank you!

  2. This is SO GOOD!!! I love to watch you paint (and draw, too). Its very educational to see how you handle your brush, and how you work it on the paper. Love the spattering technique. You are so funny, too. Really great video, Kate. Thank you so much for making and posting this!


  3. Cute video! I often stop by the side of the road and sketch a arn scene that catches my eye...painting or drawing right from your car is fun...and I just love that you've recorded your work!
    And not the least bit silly, I'm glad you did this and just might have to pull out my Flip camera and record myself sometime.

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  4. Diana, I almost always mist my paints before starting...they're so much more vibrant that way!

    Wendi, thank you! I learned how difficult it is to pay attention to your paper, your brush, and where you're aiming the camera all at once!

    Carmelina, I'd definitely suggest giving it a try...I wasn't away I DABBED quite so much! It's really a lot easier if you use a tripod or have someone help, I have to admit!

  5. Thanks so much for posting this challenging (for you) task of video, paint, and talking. I'm so one track minded I can't imagine doing it. But I loved seeing your process! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  6. Really enjoyed your video, so much fun, like your brush. Is it triangle brush? Handle I mean. I can watch you draw for hours, please make more videos. :-)

  7. Ann, I've taken several "brain hemisphere" tests, and was SURE I had no left brain, hardly. Turns out I'm fairly well balanced, so I guess I can talk while painting! Nik, it was mostly a flat with an "aquarelle" handle, cut at an angle.

  8. I love you off the cuff videos. In my experience plein air painting is a very improv sort of approach, and you make that very clear.
    Thanks for all you do

  9. I loved it. How simple you make it look. My husband has a restored '48 Jeep. He wouldn't let me near it with watercolors. lol

  10. Kudos to you on an awesome and well done job! For those who have never tried to VIDEO (handholding the camera), PAINT something interesting and DESCRIBE what they're doing as they're doing and sound INTELLIGENT....ALL AT THE SAME TIME....well, let's just say it's not for the faint of heart!

    Kudos again, Kate!

  11. Thank you! My Jeep is a '95 Grand Cherokee, but I think I'd paint in a '48 as well! (Or in a Mercedes, or a Porsche, or...)

    And Miss Laure, not sure I pulled off the "intelligent" part! The second video I did that day worked much better, not trying to work in my lap, but it's far, far too long...it'll have to go on a DVD, I think!

  12. Hi, Cathy,
    Oh, you are SO REAL! I love it! I'm not the only person in world that gets myself into balancing palette, brushes, sketchbook, spray bottle and tissue and find myself wishing I were an octopus!
    I learn SO much from watching you work. How many times I drive by a beautiful field and think I'd love to paint that...well, pull over and paint!

  13. As always, your generosity in sharing with us is so appreciated and as others have said, your down-to-earth approach is spot on. Looking forward to more.


  14. Hi Cathy,

    Is this video part of an online workshop?

    This is what I love to see, someone actually doing the type of work I love to try to do.

  15. Elsie, I don't have the energy or time to be anything but real! And nope, that balancing act is pretty common I think! Ruca, glad you liked! And Diane, this one's just out there...the workshop ones are often private, just for students, though I'll probably put a link to this for those who'd like to see it.

    Thanks all!

  16. Loved watching you paint Kate!...Some feat to paint, talk, and video all at once. You make it look easy and in so doing are a real inspiration. ...Kudos as always, and thank you for posting this for us....Hannah

  17. Thanks Hannah! I learned, too...like don't DO it that way again! *G*

  18. Kate, I don't think this is silly at all. I love it. I love the "effect" of sitting in the car with you and watching your dancing brush. Maybe someone should develop an artist's video stand that goes on the shoulder! I can't believe you hand held it! Amazing.

  19. Thanks, Roz! My setup for making videos in the studio isn't much better, I have to reach around the tripod. I've GOT to solve this...


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