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Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 2011: Enhancing my Watercolor Kit

I love this small watercolor set from Winsor & Newton. I get much done with it - somehow it's not intimidating me - or people around me. But I was spoiled by some additional colors I got to play with recently. Carry another box? Too much...

I recently learned about sugru - which is basically a play-dough for lasting inventions. It's as easy to use as play-dough, sticks to almost anything and when dry is waterproof, ready for cold or hot, flexible, strong - basically you can make your custom whatever from silicone. And you can remove it with a knife and some rubbing when you want to change things :) Their motto is "hack things better" %)

So - looked at my watercolor box and notices this wonderful place for brush that came with the set (original brush is long since drowned in some river and the space is too small for any brush I like ;) And I made some partitions :) That's it - now I have some colors I use rarely but enjoy having for a special mix or accent. I might play with the sizes of the wells at some point - but this is what I have today.


  1. Love the adaptation to the box—very clever! Where in the world does one purchase sugru?

  2. Great adaptation, Nina! And I never heard of sugru, sounds great.

  3. Oh, cool, I just Googled "sugru" and found whole galleries of clever fixes, as well as sources...nifty!

  4. Sugru is available at amazon, at their web-site - google is your friend :) I think I will make it a mini holiday gist this year - I know a lot of people who are secret inventors ;)

  5. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I can't wait to try this.
    Thank you so much!

  6. This is so cool!
    So would this work for sectioning off the inside of an Altoid tin? Better than having to bake sculpey, maybe? And here's how you can make your own sugru substitute with just silicone caulk and corn starch. You can even color it to suit your own style. I found this on google, too.


  7. thanks for letting us know about this product! Just of curiosity, what are the "additional" colors that are spoiling you? Could you let me know what colors are in your great palette? thanks!


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