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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The end of my sketchbook #60

Sketchbok #60

Blogged at: http://apple-pine.blogspot.com/2012/01/sketchbok-60-looking-back.html


  1. Nina, this is SO inspiring--and impressive! Thank you for posting it...

  2. Thanks, Kate!
    This is one of the first covers I took special time to decorate - with sugru and all - and I like how differently it worked every time I took my book out of the bag!

  3. well, next time you are in California - around San Francisco... ;)

  4. Nina, I love the new finished journal. My friend Ken Avidor uses one of these journals for his visual journal and works in pen and colored pencil work. He posts a lot over at

    If you like working on toned paper like this you might also enjoy making a book using Nideggen or Magnani Annigoni Designo. Both of those papers handle wet media better than the paper in Earthbound sketchbook. I've been trying to convert Ken for years and he is doing work outside the journal on Magnani Annigoni Designo now and loving it.

    Congratulations on finishing up such a fun body of work. Roz

  5. Thanks a lot for your feedback, Roz!

    You paper recommendations are just in time - I am due to go back to book binding and now can skip the agony of picking papers :)

    And special thanks for keeping up your vigorous blogging! I am a poor commenter but avid reader :)



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