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Friday, January 6, 2012

January 2012: Small, Short Interval Sketches.

I've been forced to draw quickly many times but lately I find it hard to isolate long enough time even to finish a blind contour in the park - somehow I find it very hard to concentrate on my sketch and become easily distracted lately. So I decided to give this a try: I pick something to draw (my shoe, tree, bench) and make a blind contour. Then I keep hatching it, looking at my object and drawing - and nothing else. So far I've done several pages of these and mostly it's crap - but I think it's slowly allowing me to block distractions and concentrate for longer periods of time.
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  1. you've got some pretty amazing blind contour drawings going there.

  2. Yes, Cathy, they're amazing. Okay, blind contours is next for me, anything to get me rolling. Thank you for sharing your work and ideas.

  3. These are from Nina Khashchina, one of our contributors who does amazing work indeed! I love these, Nina...lots of small sketches on a page are FUN. (Not to mention do-able!)


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