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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Exploring "Palette Grey"

Who needs to buy a tube of grey paint?

An old friend and master of watercolor taught me decades ago that some of the loveliest, luminous greys come from mixing whatever is dried in your palette's mixing area.  I usually have a variety of colors there...I can warm or cool my gray by sweeping my brush into whatever's available, without ever dipping into a pan of color.

More water makes a paler value...less makes a rich, darker grey.

Here's Pepi in the light of my desk lamp, just painted with those same luminous neutrals...next time, instead of washing your palette for a fresh start, try this!  No need to waste colors unless you just HAVE to have a clean spot to mix a pure color...


  1. your greys are really wonderful kate.

  2. Aren't they subtle? You'd expect them to be muddy, but they're not...

  3. Kate, all the grey samples you've shown are lovely, but the one on Pepi is breathtaking! Makes me want to go paint something grey.

  4. Great advice. Ever notice that paintings are often displayed on grey walls? There's a reason.

  5. Pepi is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the tip and the image :).
    Stay inspired!

  6. This is a wonderful use of an otherwise wasted supply.

  7. Thanks all! Think how lovely these subtle, varied shades would be to paint a white flower!

  8. Beautiful colors Kate! It'a great reminder that not all colors need to come straight from the color palette.


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