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Monday, May 14, 2012

Watch for Interview #19, the wonderful Pat Southern-Pearce!

Pat Southern-Pearce is an amazing young woman, inventive and wonderfully talented. I know you'll enjoy this one!
Pat's calligraphy is an integral element in many of her pages...it balances and complements the free shapes of the flowers, here.

I'm looking forward to this one, too...Pat uses unusual tools to create her bold, fresh paintings and journal entries. Sticks, palette knives, ink pens...well, you'll see!

But she uses the classics in her own inimitable fashion, as well...clean, crisp, wonderful forms and values...

I love the shapes and values in this graphite drawing...Pat says it was a hurried sketch, but it doesn't look that way....

You are going to LOVE this interview...watch for it!


  1. What a beautiful style she has! I LOVE these! Inspirational work :0)

    1. Isn't she marvelous? This is going to be a terrific interview.

  2. she is called skyeshell on flickr, right? (her style is awesome and definitely recognizable.)

    1. Yes, she is! And thank you for reminding me, I need to mention that in the interview. There is SO much beautiful work there to drool over.


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