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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Medium Drives the Result!

I've enjoyed sketching my little laughing Buddha, inspired by this post by the talented Niloufer Wadia in our Artist's Journal Workshop Facebook group, and by talking to a friend about what a difference medium can make in our final results. 

Above, I used a water-soluble graphite pencil, a Pentel Pocketbrush, straight watercolor without any underdrawing, and a plain graphite pencil.  (The graphite one has inspired me to do more of that, I love it!)

Here's my first one, with a 578 Hero pen with a bent nib (thank you, Patrick Ng!) and watercolor.  FUN...and all very different.  I usually choose my medium according to my mood, but also subject and convenience.  If a ballpoint pen is all that's to hand, that's what I use, just so I can sketch!

And by the way, feel free to join our Facebook group, it's very active and you get to see a LOT of wonderful work.

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