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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Family Treasures

In a nostalgic mood, I've been scanning old family photos for my older sister, and remembered I still have her baby shoes...and my little once-fuzzy bunny slippers, ratty though they are, now.

Her shoes are soft black leather, stitched and mended, and incredibly cute...you can tell from the shoe buttons that she's older than I am, and I'm no baby!

Recently, on our trip to California--and BEFORE the TSA changed the rules again this week!--I'd forgotten my dad's pocketknife was in my purse, and it was nearly confiscated.  Happily, I was able to get out of line, mail it to myself, and get back in line before our flight...but it took three weeks for the knife to come back home.

So in the meantime, J. offered me his grandfather Ruckman's knife--the tiny green one--and when I was nervous about losing it, bought me a new Swiss Army knife from L.L.Bean.  I am now pocketknife rich, and "Rule 9" is satisfied! 

I would have hated to lose dad's knife...

I love this way of paying respects to family treasures.  I don't own many, but I've sketched my grandfather's magnifying glass before, and Joseph's bronzed baby shoes.  I need to do my teething ring, too.  It makes us look more carefully at our lives and our history...

And in case you missed it, DO check out Alissa Duke's recent post on her family history project!

I recently sketched something that wasn't really a family treasure, but something it was difficult to get rid of, anyway.  But I'm on a Discardia kick, and simplifying my life...sketching it let me pass it on while still "having" it.

So what's meaningful to you?  What would you like to preserve in this way?


  1. My father was a shoemaker and made my oldest sister her first pair of shoes. They were little sandals make out of crocodile leather. She has one of them, the other has been lost to the ages.

    1. Oh, that WOULD be a treasure! Somewhere I have the little crib quilt my mom made me, too...I should sketch it...

  2. Knives: I forgot I had my husband's Georgia Pacific knife - I acquired it when he'd been there 40 years!! - in my dopp kit getting on an airplane. Da** TSA folk - I almost had them persuaded that a 1.5" knife, with incredible sentiment behind it, should be allowed on the plane. Nope. They took it away, threw it away. For months I went on Ebay, looking for my blue GP swiss army knife. Turns out that all the knives they take away are sent to a person in Nevada who sells 30-40-50 army knives at a turn on EBay........How stupid, how wasteful, how irritating. I still wish I had that memory laden knife.

    1. Oh God, I am SO sorry. Yes, stupid and wasteful...at least you should have been given the opportunity to mail it back to yourself. And now, of course, just this week they've rescinded the ruling on small pocketknives--something like under a 2 3/8" blade. I should print out the notice and carry it with me next time I fly, though, because I don't think everyone gets the word or pays attention.

    2. Apparently it goes into effect April 25, Joseph just read...

  3. What a wonderful idea. Love the knife sketches.

  4. Oh these are so special. Love them. such a lovely touch you have.

  5. Thank you! Joseph's grandfather's knife is such a cutie, but I'm glad to have a nice replaceable Swiss Army knife now.


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