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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Video up on YouTube

I did this one to go in Lesson One in my upcoming Ink and Watercolor Mini-class--thought you might like a sneak peek!

Playing with ballpoint and watercolor...who says you have to have a fancy pen? I picked these up at my local discount store.


  1. Great video. I love your style. By that I mean your art, but also the way you do the videos. I enjoy your 'oops'es a lot, and the way you talk and explain as you go. Have learned a lot about using watercolours in your mini-class. Ballpoint pen is one of my favourite tools to use when drawing, but I haven't combined it very often with watercolours. Looking at what the watercolour does for the portrait, I am definitely going to combine the two more often. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow. You make it look so easy. I love all the effects!

  3. I love the ease with which you approach adding the colour. Easy peazy (for some)! Thanks for the video, Kate.


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