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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sandy Williams -- A Cacophany of Cats

We've been having record cold temperatures here in Michigan as has a lot of the country.  It was the worst time for our furnace to go out last Saturday night and repairs couldn't be made until Monday.  So off went my dog to my brother's house and my sister came and got our three cats while my mother and I checked into a hotel.  We were SO glad to be able to return home as were our pets.  The cats in particular let us know that they did not approve of being uprooted and sent away and let us know -- quite loudly.  I'm happy to report that life is now back to normal and our house is toasty and warm.


  1. Hmmm, my comment didn't show up so I'll try again…

    While your adventure doesn't sound like much fun, it made for great journal pages! And I can just imagine the scolding you got for upsetting the kitties. Mine would do the same.


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