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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Escapism via The Artist Journal

Taking a page from Kate's own fantasy journal, I decided to create a "getaway place" in my own journal during my recovery from a recent bout of the flu.
The Heart-Held Cottage
Watercolor and Ink
Stillman and Birn Bound Beta Sketchbook
5.5 x 8.5 inches
I have long loved Hobbiton from the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit series as seen in Peter Jackson's movies. I love the gypsy wagons you see in Europe as well as some of the tiny structures that people have built for backyard escapes, even using them as small homes. 

The idea of a personal place all my own where I can go to escape the challenges of real life, be they illness, family, financial or just a too long to-do list holds vast appeal to me. I can decorate and nest and relax. A place where problems can't follow, where there is no dust, no clutter, no cleaning. 

A place to enjoy painting, reading, napping, observing nature, lounging in front of a warm fire, visiting with invited friends, cooking a special meal or just simply being. The cottage became a place where I'm not rushed by deadlines or decisions and I can indulge (if I want to) in an hour long soak in a gorgeous claw- foot tub! (TMI, I know!)
The fun part for me was adding special touches that have special meaning to me that might not be obvious to the casual observer. (The stained glass doors in the bookcase sketch have a backstory, but you wouldn't know if I didn't mention it.) 

While I'm definitely not an architect and I certainly wasn't become overly concerned with the laws of physics in my house plans, I did have a great deal of fun thinking about the rooms I would have and the type of furnishings I would surround myself with. The colors and material choices were all up to me without considering someone else's tastes or needs (unless I chose to include them).

The pages developed over the two weeks I was sick and I worked a little bit here and there until they were finished.

But in a way, they'll never be finished as I have enjoyed the escape so much, I'm already planning my next getaway!

The things I learned for next time:

  • I'll work bigger and create the floor plans to take up an entire page each.
  • By working larger, I'll be able to add in more detail when it comes to the furnishings, window treatments and such.
  • I will work on both the views of the inside as well as the views looking out the windows. 
  • I'll focus more thought on where the getaway is located‚ like the beach, mountains, underground, or in a pasture or forest.

How about you? Care to join me in creating a fabulous getaway that only exists in your imagination and on the pages of your sketchbook?

If you do, please comment back here so we can come and visit your secret hideaway!


  1. I've been collecting pictures of small places for a long time. I've finally decided on the one I love best and have (only) visions of actually building it. But I'm inspired by your idea to draw it out in my journal and "make it mine" by imagining the furnishing, textiles, etc. What fun! Thanks!

  2. Lesa, please post over on FB or Flickr or your blog if you decide to create it in your sketchbooks! It's a lot like playing dress-up with dolls or old clothes when you were a kid. Too much fun!

  3. Oh, I love this SO MUCH, Laure, thank you for sharing! It IS a wonderful way to distract ourselves when we're ill, and I've gotten endless enjoyment out of my fantasy journal! (Which I thought I'd shared here but can't find!)

  4. Thanks to you for sharing the idea in the first place! You did share it (there's a link in the post).

  5. Oh, so there is! It really was a lifesaver for me, at that particular place in my life. I NEEDED fantasy--and humor!


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