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Thursday, March 13, 2014

bear-making and sketching

When our first grandchild turned 7, I made her a hand-made teddy bear with antique shoe-button eyes and real mohair fur. I used to make these to sell in the 1980s/1990s. So I made it a tradition by doing the same for each grandchild on their 7th birthday.

This year, it's Quen's turn. Because he loves wearing button-down shirts with real ties, and loves to sketch and paint, the style was obvious --- a wee artist bear. I only need to sew the ears on and he will be finished. And then sew a tiny sketchbook bound in leather for the bear (or Quen) to fill up with drawings. I used leftover bits of paper from binding regular sketchbooks for the pages, which will measure just under 2" when done.

I'm in more of a mood to sketch, so I took time to do so instead of finishing the bear yesterday. Sketching also helps me decide on facial expression and outfit.


  1. Well if you've ever come across my own art blog in the past, it will be no surprise that I LOVE your bears! Anything to do with bears gets my attention, lol! I LOVE your journal pages :0)

  2. Quen is going to be a very lucky young man! I LOVE the artist-journal bear, he's perfect.

  3. Sandra, I have browsed through your blog before and your bears are FABULOUS! But then, so is all your art. Thanks!

  4. Kate, Quen is quite a funny character himself . . . I hope the bear captures some of that. He and his parents will be camping here at the Lake tomorrow for his birthday.

  5. This is a great spread! I love the wee little journal you'll make! I wish you were my grandma! ♥

  6. What a great tradition! Looks like a wonderful bear, too. You always make the best sketches. :)


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