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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

sketching during grandchildren's visit

Three of our grandchildren are visiting this week. Yesterday we had a bit of a tea party, trying out one of the blooming tea buds that came with my glass tea pot. This sketch shows the flower it formed as it brewed.

Today is a painting day. All three chairs are taken so I snuck a photo of them instead of painting with them. Earlier, we had a chocolate breakfast: sourdough toast with chocolate hazelnut butter, strawberries topped with the same, and chocolate milk.


  1. What a lovely post! Great you share this page of your sketchbook and the sneek peak into your grandma's life here with us!

  2. I love it that the kids all sketch too! Lucky, lucky children having your example and encouragement--and seeing that you honor the everyday things.

    1. And some of them are quite talented -- Jayna's painting won a ribbon at the county fair last year.

    2. That is SO cool...taking after Grandma.


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