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Saturday, February 5, 2011

More on Gouache for journal work

Botanical artists and workshop teacher Cynthia Padilla has kindly allowed me to link to her article on using gouache!  Cynthia's worked with the medium for many years, first as a professional textile designer and now as a botanical illustrator.  I think you'll enjoy her tips, HERE.

Cynthia has mastered Winsor & Newton brand gouache, which is what I used for many years.  As you've seen, our own correspondent Roz Stendahl likes Schmincke Horadam and M. Graham, both of which re-wet well.

Stay tuned, Roz plans a post for us on the subject!  Meanwhile, see her comments on THIS post.

Gouache is great for using on toned paper, but it works well on white, too.  Roz uses it for all kinds of journal entries!
This was one of my gouache sketches on Nideggan paper...quick and fun.  Loved how the sky turned out!


  1. Thanks for sharing a great article, and for your lovely samples as well. I have a box full of M Graham gouache that I bought on sale at a local art store and have never used. I am now so eager to try it out. I love the M Graham watercolors. They wet down so quickly and are so full of pigment. Thanks again!

  2. great links :)

    I have one for you regarding lettering:

    She'd be a good one to interview for her lettering techniques too ;)



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