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Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Link to Ink Pens

Our Swedish correspondent Nina Johansson just shared a pair of links on the Everyday Matters list that I think you'll enjoy, InkNouveau.and their store, Goulet Pens.  These look like a great deal of fun to browse, and Nina says she has ordered two pens from them, with very satisfactory results.  You can read her blog post HERE.

Many of us artist-journal keepers keep a constant lookout for the fountain pen that does just what we want it to, WHEN we want it to.  I love the wonderful springiness and flexibility of old (early 20th C.) Waterman pens, but they ARE old, and temperamental.  I've had two of them reconditioned, and they're still a bit moody at times.  They need frequent use and an occasional good cleaning.  The newer Waterman Phileas pens are much less temperamental, but also less flexible.

Many people love Lamy pens; my husband does, and so does Australian correspondent Alissa Duke.  Mine didn't seem to want to work well, so I can't speak to that--maybe Alissa will chime in about her new pen with the Extra Fine nib!  (I gave mine to Joseph and he loves it, so go figure!)

Nina got the Noodlers Flex Nib pen, and I'm willing to bet they're going to get a flood of orders!


  1. Can you or Nina make a suggestion about ink color? I notice that Nina doesn't really use a black, black. And I see that Noodlers has gray, brown shades. What do you find useful?
    Also I have a sad history with good pens. Leave them any length of time and they are rock hard and uncleanable. The alternative being taking it apart and cleaning after every use. BLEAH. Do these Noodler pens require all that?

  2. A lot of people use Noodler's Lexington Gray...I haven't tried it, though Vicky Williamson often uses it!

    Have you tried soaking your pen, nib down, in warm water for a bit? That sometimes works for mine.

  3. @theailurophile: I use Lexington gray, I like the gray shade, plus it´s the only "kinda waterproof" fountain pen ink that I´ve tried so far, that doesn´t smudge or dissolve when I paint over it with watercolours.
    I don´t know what the Noodler pens require yet, haven´t used them enough, but they seem a tad more sensitive than the Lamy Safaris.

  4. I am a big time Lamy user- never had any problem in the 4 years I have been using them. I use the EF nib and also have a gold nib which is a little more flexible. I love using standard nibs in the calligrpahy JOY pen - such a nice lightweight and balanced pen. My nibs get a LOT of use and therefore loosen and the line gets broader over time. Using the back of the nib is a great way to get an extra fine line.
    I also rarely have any problems with Noodlers Bulletproof black ink - maybe the smoothness of the paper might effect it?

  5. I think the paper makes a huge difference, Liz--especially how hard its surface is. Noodler's bulletproof inks are supposed to bond with the surface, but if it can't sink in, it can't bond. Today I was working with a different pen, with Platinum Carbon ink in it, it's ALWAYS worked for me. Not this time. I was using a hard surface Arches HP, and the ink just sat there, shiny and wet, for 45 minutes. It may STILL be wet!


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