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Monday, February 21, 2011

Working fast in your journal...on the spot!

I did this mini-video a couple of years ago, and was just watching it again since I'm doing an art tip on painting still water. I DO work in my journal for a lot of plein air painting...I enjoy working on the spot, at lot, and doing it right in my journal preserves these special times.

I made a new set on Flickr recently of journal sketches I did in one favorite place, a decrepit barn near the Missouri River.  You can find it HERE.

How do you use YOUR journal?  Mine's a place for everything...sketches, notes, paintings, whatever I feel like...


  1. I like the barn/location (Flickr) you've chosen, and enjoyed seeing your work in progress.

  2. Thank you, Patti! I think it's good to forge a relationship with a place and explore it in all seasons...I've got several I revisit regularly.

  3. I can tell from your paintings how much you cherish this old barn. Thanks for sharing it with us... and the idea of revisiting a place in all seasons.

  4. I do, Elaine! I was glad to finally meet the owners and get permission to explore closer. There will be more sketches, I'm sure.


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