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Friday, September 2, 2011

Nifty! I did the cover for this one...

Fun to see an old book still out there! 
It brings back a lot of memories...and I can almost smell those gorgeous red carnations.  It came out in 1990, so that's quite a trick.

Lots of different artists in this one, myself included, but I think it's the only North Light book I did the cover for that was NOT my own book.

As I recall, it was a great deal of fun, and a real challenge--often the same thing!

It's on sale for $8.00 from the North Light Book Shop, if you're interested...and nope, I don't earn anything on sales of this one, just putting it up in case you're interested!


  1. It must be wonderful to have one of your paintings included in a book, but I can see why. You deserve it.

  2. Thanks, Ann! Very good for me, since I'm not much good at anything else. *G* I am a DREADFUL employee!

  3. I have to order mine from Amazon because shipping to Canada from North Lights is too much, but while there I was able to "see inside" and read the comments, all very favourable I might add.

  4. Oh, cool, Gina! I usually don't read comments on Amazon--I don't want to be tempted to respond as some authors have who have gotten negative comments! And thanks, both of you.

  5. Beautiful cover. I will save it in my bookmark Books.

  6. A beautiful cover and a wonderful book! I have this one and can recommend it!


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