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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sheer Heaven Travel Palette - Watercolor

Back in 2004, I ran an article in the online magazine I published then, about the "perfect" travel palette, made from my signature art paper, Sheer Heaven. Sheer Heaven has unique qualities that make this idea work flawlessly, and the palette is infinitely refillable and impervious to moisture. I know there are some renditions of the idea out there these days using watercolor paper, but there is no comparison.

Cathy and several other folks have asked me recently to bring that article back around - because the idea is so useful, and ideal for journaling artists.

So, I put the whole thing on my blog, and won't take up the real estate here to repeat it. Here is the link to the full description - mixing colors and all:


  1. I remember finding the original article --- and I'm glad you posted this!

  2. Thank you for posting, Jessica! I remember that original article too, and have been meaning to get some Sheer Heaven ever since. FINALLY did, as you know!

  3. Another similar and very convenient way to carry compact watercolor color inside your sketchbook is to use the dry dots on Daniel Smith's "Dot Try It Cards" (http://www.danielsmith.com/Item--i-001-900-482). You can cut out the dots you'd like to use and glue them onto a stiff card or stiff plastic sheet. Next, make a clear acetate sheet cover for it (hinge tape it on one edge, so you can flip the acetate up when you're using the dots and flip it back down when you're done, to protect the rest of the journal from the damp dots). Use a paper clip or small binder clip to attach the dot card+protective sheet sandwich to the inside cover of your sketchbook. Add a waterbrush and off you go with your watercolor dots!


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