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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thinking about maps in travel journals and other things

Now that I have finally finished all my scanning from my recent 3 week trip to Eurooe, I was looking through a few of my travel sketchbooks last night...
Thinking about mays- NYC2 2010
last years big trip (11 weeks USA UK Italy) was so busy that I rarely drew maps, while during my 5 week trip in 2009 I drew maps every night. This year's trip I made an allowance for maps on my summary page and ended up drawing most of them when I got home.
Thinking about Maps - NYC1 2010
What STRUCK me last night is... the few maps I drew last year where incorporated into a page with a sketch or two and that these ARE a lot nicer pages. If I hadn't got around to drawing a map on these pages, I could have added some text or some collage or just enjoyed the glorious white space which I generally don't have enough of in my sketchbooks.
Thinking about Maps - Rome 2010
Anyway... this has got me thinking of a different approach... it doesn't necessarily mean that it is another trip...but I am always thinking about how to do things different whether for a new trip overseas or just recording my day to day adventures.

07_Wed20 04 Lunch and Tearoom view20 Tues02_09 St Pauls 3 Dome20 Tues02_07 St Pauls 1 details19 Mon01_09 London Purchases and Freebies!19 Mon01_04 London St Marys Woolnoth Int19 Mon01_03 London St Stephens Walbrook
06_Tu17 06 Greyfriars Graveyard and Lunch05_Mo18 04 Art Gallery with Wil and Stu02_Fr15 06 Newcastle Earl Grey and Waterstones01_Th14 04 Terminal 5 PEOPLE12_Mon25 10 From Lisbon to Cardiff via Bristol12_Mon25 09 Final FINAL Lisbon Sketch - Rossio Square
10_Fri23 07 Sketchcrawl110_Fri23 06 Contrastes Lunch08_Thurs 10 Correspondent Dinner {explored}08_Thurs 05 Cityscapes408_Thurs 04 Cityscapes507_Wed20 02 Breakfast and coffee
06_Tues19 Arriving in Lisbon- dinner08_Thurs 08 Unfinished Business10930TH_03 Pal Farnese Extras0929WE_07 San Carlo Int Columns triads0927MO_05 Palatine Hill 20917FR_11 Grand Canal Wet

Following on from last nights thoughts... I just created a new flickr set specifically for my favourite kind of journal-style pages.
A collection of some of my favourite pages that are in a journal style...ie. not just a single 'great' sketch on a page. Ones that tell a story, ones that I enjoy looking at and re-living months, years later.A combination of sketches, media, notes, a map, a bit of collage...and maybe even a tea cup sketch or two!


  1. I like your 'journal style' set . . . . especially those sketches that tell a story!

  2. Love love love your mosaic! Let me share mine : http://nathalienayer.blogspot.com/2011/09/inspiration-board.html

  3. thank you both... thanks for the link Nathalie - great pages!

  4. I do love those wonderful combination pages, Liz...the maps, the buildings, the tea, a bit of collage...it's like being there with you.

  5. I love your travel journals!
    Sad thing that I didn't do one on my last trip... I wasn't yet into the journaling thing back then. Next one I'll make a journal, for sure. Not so nice as yours, but I think it will be fun. Good to remember the places and things and people. :)

    Thanks for sharing, Liz!


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