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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Emergency Preparedness...

...so once in a LONG while I forget my journal or don't want to go back out to the studio for it...thank goodness I've got my accordion folder in the Jeep!

The other day we talked about finding time to sketch...this is one way I do it, as noted, I keep supplies handy EVERYWHERE.

I didn't have much time to do the two quick parking-lot landscapes, but LOTS of time while J. shopped in the Home Depot the other day...I was very glad I had my folding journal in the car!

This is out by our library, where I often sketch while waiting...

Here's the lovely bright colors at Home Depot...

And on the way home, the parking lot at WalMart...J. parked so I had a better view!

Actually, I keep an accordion folder in both vehicles, one close to the computer, and sometimes one in the bedroom...I make them from scraps when I bind my journals!


  1. A great way to use up scraps, Kate. Thanks for the reminder--I will make one for my glove compartment tomorrow! Do you put covers on these accordion folders after finishing them, or organize them in some way?

  2. Hi Maria! I normally put covers on when I make them, sometimes only by gluing a piece of heavier board to both ends, just to protect them. I've used mat board and decorated them, too, though. I've covered some with bookcloth, but that seems overkill for these emergency journals. So some are just folded paper, quick and dirty and lightweight!

    You can glue a couple of strips together if you want a longer accordion, too...

  3. Hi KATHI: Your hot stuff! I just love the way you make things work. You keep me inspired. Thank you. Dorothy

  4. Glad you like, Dorothy! I do like to play, and using things that would otherwise be wasted is some of the best kind of play!

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful. I especially like the one out by the library... it's simple, spare, and lovely.

  6. Thank you, sweet Laura! I've painted and sketched that same landscape a dozen times...

  7. What is the usual folded size of these? The art seems full-sized but you said they are left-over scraps.

    I scattered supplies everywhere, but haven't developed the habit of actually taking time to use them. I'm more of a "get it and get it over with" type when running errands. It helps that Joseph will run in for whatever, leaving you to sit in the jeep or truck to sketch.

  8. Not sure what that one is, it's back out in the car, but the one I use here is 4" tall by 5-1/2" wide, folded. It's pretty typical, I think. Since I make my journals a couple of different sizes, I have different sized scraps left over.

    And yes, that helps a lot! He likes to shop, I don't. I like to get out of the house, but that's about it, usually...

    He reads labels, and considers, and compares, and runs all over a store...I'd rather sketch, yep.


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