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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Watercolor Paper and Ball Point Pen

Re-posting form my blog:
February 2012: Early Morning

My last couple of sketchbooks were a little odd - craft paper or thin dry media paper (though I gave it quite a lot of watercolor and gouache coverings:) And I longed for a good old white sturdy watercolor surface to work with. When the time came quick review of the "reserve" box showed that I have this watercolor "Pen and Ink" horizontal book stored - COOL! I splashed some color right on the first spread!
However most of the pens in my "usual rotation" were bleeding, scratching, and overall misbehaving. While running some tests I picked up bic ball point and... what can I say - 1/3 of the book is filled now and most of it is black and white, done with the same bic ballpoint... see below :)
February 2012: People
February 2012: People
February 2012: Conversation
February 2012: People in the Park


  1. It's nice to see someone else enjoying ballpoint pen! I keep trying others but always come back to my Bic. It's such a happy marriage between ink and pencil, isn't it? You've done some marvelous sketches with yours!

  2. LOVE these, Nina! Isn't ballpoint fun? I played with one recently too...

  3. thank you Debbie and Kate! I love ballpoints - purple one just simply lives i my bag. But these black lines just worked for me on this paper - which I did not expect at all! It feels so god that even new flex nib fountain toy is waiting...

  4. I LOVE the portrait close-ups. Making me want to search out my ballpoint again...

  5. Wonderful sketches! Ballpoint pens can be so handy. I have less fear with them too for some odd reason.


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