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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When is the ink really dry?

March 2012: Treasures by apple-pine
March 2012: Treasures, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

The ink was dry... It looked like dry ink everywhere but in one spot - where my pen made a blot earlier. I even tried it with my finger (though gently as on this paper Noodler's ink smudges easily).
But when I used my spray bottle.... i got THIS! :)

(this is the same Pen and Ink sketchbook I was complaining about earlier this month)


  1. I am so glad you posted this one. I keep having the same problem with ink. I got the Noodler's Flex pen and their Bulletproof Black Ink in preparation for your class (Strathmore), thinking that *this* would finally be *the* ink that would go all floopy one me - but it still is!

    Seeing your post here, I am guessing (?) it must me the ink, not the artist, that is the problem!!! Is there actually an ink that I can use with my fountain pens that won't get soft on me when wet? I have about decided that I am better off sticking to my Microns and Sharpies at this point!

    Loving, loving, loving your workshop, by the way. I've learned so much. So thank you!

    MicaelChadwick [gmail.com]

    1. I recommend FW acrylic inks by Daler-Rowney. They're marketed more toward artists than fountain pen writers, but with exception of some reds, the stuff actually stays put when it's dry. The benefit of using an acrylic based ink. Winsor-Newton calligraphy inks are also nice for pen work, but like most "writing inks," they don't dry waterproof. Oh and please don't use sharpies in your art journal; the ink being solvent based, it heavily discolors over time, and turns the paper yellow.

    2. But you definitely don't want to use acrylic inks in fountain pens unless you clean them immediately each time...empty and flush. The acrylic inks are wonderfully waterproof, which is what makes them not so great in fountain pens.

  2. This post is Nina's, but yes, I've had the same experience. It depends a lot on the paper surface and the weather..."bulletproof" inks are supposed to bond to the cellulose in the paper to prevent forgery, but art papers are often heavily sized so it can't get TO the paper. Sometimes the weahter is a factor, too. I don't use them, too undependable for me, sorry!

    I use Noodler's Lexington Gray a lot, but sometimes even it will lift or smear. Platinum Carbon Black is lovely, but can clog your pen so you need to perform occasional maintenance...I'm okay with that!

    And I'm so glad you're enjoying the workshop!

  3. Platinium Carbon Black for me when I want the ink to stay put. I also have found the Noodlers unpredictable.

    1. Elva, I notice the Carbon cartridges have a little tiny ball-bearing in them...I suspect that keeps the carbon in suspension so your pen doesn't clog. Maybe shaking it occasionally would be good, I keep meaning to try that!


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