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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Companion for your Artist Journal . . .

About 35 years ago, I happened to meet an imaginary friend who has served as my alter-ego, muse, artistic counter-foil, and studio companion ever since. She has graced greeting card lines, art prints, my blog, and my artist's journals.

There is something wonderful about having this companion around to check up on me, comment on what is going on, and often let me know how I am really feeling about it all.

Your imaginary friend can have any simple body shape, to which you can add arms, legs, and most importantly, facial features. Mine is actually was inspired by a blanket "fuzzie".

My little buddy's name is Dear Me! after her most common utterance in the early years, but her name has many levels of meaning since she is as much me as I am.

In my two most recent blog posts on my own blog (May 3 and May 11), I have decided to share a bit of Dear Me's history with my readers who have grown to know her well over the years, and also to post some wonderful tips about how to give these little critters all the personality they need with just a mark of the pen.

Here's the link:


jessica wesolek


  1. Jessica, thanks! I like this playful little fellow and the idea behind him.

  2. Hmmm. An alter ego sounds like fun. I could make mine a person and then I could try to see things from a person's point of view.

  3. I know this is almost 2 years later but I tried accessing your blog through your link above but I'm required to get an iCloud account which I do not want. I would've loved to see your posts.


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