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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Sketch with my Lamy Joy pen

We went to see our godchild Molly Hammer in Sister Robert Anne's Cabaret Class in Amana, Iowa, over the weekend, and stayed, happily, at Rose's B & B again.  I had more time to sketch this time--by design--and even to the last minute, as J. was checking out and packing the car, I was squeezing in one more quick sketch!

I loved this tiny shed, and knew I didn't have time for color, so I whipped out my Lamy Joy pen with the 1.1 calligraphy nib and jumped right in there.  I added a few details with my regular Lamy with the EF nib, which is somewhat more controllable.  Loved the morning shadows here...as J. was putting the last of our stuff in the Jeep, I took a quick reference photo...

As I noted before, I would REALLY like a fountain pen with a good flex so I get a variation in my lines, but so far only the antique ones really fill that bill, and they're temperamental and sometimes want to leak. So if I turn the calligraphy pen in different directions, as Laure suggested in her wonderful little video, I get some thick and thin!

I've got the Lamy joy with a 1.1 nib and also a couple of regular Lamys with the EF nib. Again, the charcoal seems to be smoother than the silver nib. (My Lamys are both Vista--that's the same as the Safari only transparent--I can see when I need to think about refilling, instead of just running out of ink.)

Earlier Monday morning, I had taken time to do a longer watercolor...I'd imagined doing sketches all over town, Amana is so picturesque and the old homes and businesses just beg to be recorded, but there just isn't time for everything...

Because I knew how quickly the long, raking shadows of the morning would change,  I sketched in their shapes FIRST, with a pencil, then sat on my folding stool to add the details.  I used my beloved retrofitted Prang box, a 1/2" flat and a #8 round brush.

The sun was strong on my white paper, and my paint dried REALLY quickly, both on the paper and on my palette, so I worked very fast...

And again, shot a quick photo to freeze those shadows!  If I wanted, I could do a more formal painting of the garage/shed at Rose's...


  1. You can do the most beautiful things with a few minutes and a pen or paint and ink. You continue to amaze me! :)

  2. Thank you both! I was having lots of fun on our mini-trip, as you can tell.

  3. Beautiful sketch, Kate. I particularly love the window watercolour.

  4. Wonderful sketches. As a beginning drawer, I appreciate your sharing how and with what you did them. I'm delighted to have found you and this blog -- I'm currently soaking up all your information and beautiful work in Watercolor Magic, so this is a real bonus. (I got here roundabout, from Roz Stendahl's blog to her journal workshop and from there to Every Day in May, which connected to someone who connected to you...)

  5. Thanks all--and Connie, it IS a small world, isn't it? We're delighted to have you!

  6. It is -- thanks for the welcome. And I miss-typed -- your book I'm drinking in is Watercolor Pencil Magic.

  7. Love your sketches and sophisticated watercolor, in your world simple things turn into stunning beauties. Now I want Lamy Joy.

  8. Nik, we're all such enablers! I've got 2 of 'em, and like them a lot, though I prefer to buy the nib and put it in a regular Lamy. The Joy is a rather long pen and I find it kind of awkward...

  9. Just purchased a Sailor bent nib. Will need to take some time to get used to this, but your post is encouraging.

  10. The bent nib pens are fun! It's all in the angle...

  11. Wonderful sketches! Both! ♥

  12. Ooo, you are making me want to order more pens! I have a Lamy Safari with the EF nib, but I've never gotten the Joy because it is so long. But then, so is the Platinum Carbon, and I cut that off to make it shorter (and so I could post the cap), so maybe I could do that with a Lamy Joy? On the other hand, maybe I could just play around with one of my other calligraphy pens...

    At any rate, you are inspiring me, as always! Thank you!


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