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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

exploring primaries and lightening your load with WC pencil!

I love to play with simplifying my kit, to see how I can lighten the load and still do whatever it is I want to. Here, you can see a set of muted primaries from Faber Castell's Albrecht Durer line, and a brighter set from Inktense...both are very versatile! (And if you don't want to be that intense, you can mix like crazy as you can see at lower left!)

I've been working on my upcoming mini-class on watercolor pencils, as you can tell!  It'll be a while yet, but you can watch for it HERE.

These are some possibilities from the Albrecht Durer set...I've found them to be as intense as Inktense, and I choose them for the best possible lightfastness.  Both have their advantages, of course!

Here's another set of possibilities for using only three pencils...Derwent Blue Gray and a couple of A-Ds (wish I could remember WHAT...)


  1. Wonderful page Kate...time to get outside :) Faber Castell has a small set called "The Nature Set" with some wonderful watercolors...I think you would enjoy it :) It can be tricky to find....sometimes the only place I can find it is on ebay??? very weird. =)

  2. I have heard that Inktense are not lightfast, but if you used them in a sketchbook that was kept closed most of the time, they would probably be alright. Also, for brighter, more intense colors, try to find soft, rather than hard wc pencils. They are way more versatile than most people realize. You can even do spatter with them.

  3. Some colors are pretty lightfast and some aren't--I like to make up my own "sets" to get the best lightfastness rating. (Same with Graphitint.) Derwent has improved both those lines, though...I had a Graphitint drawing of my calico cat IN my closed journal and after a year or two she was pink...

    And yep, definitely spatter--I'll post a link to my video!

    And thanks, Laura! I've seen that set, but as I recall there's no blue???


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