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Monday, June 20, 2011

Changing continent = changing palette?

June 2011: Hidden Villa Treasures
I just returned from a trip to Europe and all the colors look different to me at home. Perhaps it's time to change a few colors in my palette? Or it will pass as I adjust to bright sun?


  1. interesting, it happens both because of the light that seems to be different when traveling to other parts of the world and also a matter of your own perception adaptation eheheh * irie

  2. I remember Laura Frankstone saying she adjusted her palette according to where she was traveling...and they DO say the light in Greece is different. I find desert light very different from the Midwest...give it a try?

  3. Go with it! If there is a noticeable difference then I think it's worth exploring. If after trying it and it doesn't work for you, you can always change back.

  4. thanks so much for your feedback! I am off to get some experiments going!

  5. An interior designer once told me that people in different areas of the world see color differently because of the light. I don't remember it all. And I see Sargent working in a different way in the glaring sun of Florida from how he worked in Europe.

    But either way Nina, I love those piglets, and I'll enjoy seeing your work! Roz

  6. The light here in Santa Fe is responsible for the huge percentage of the population involved in painting and photography.

    There is something about it that you can't put in words. We are very high (7000 ft) so there is very little pollution in the air, and our skies are traffic stopping, which I am sure gives variety to the light.

    Some artists literally come for a visit and are looking for a place to live by lunch!

  7. Welcome back, Kate! :D Hope your trip was wonderful. :)
    Never thought about it, but it makes sense... maybe a Mexico themed palette would be a lot warmer, isn't it? Nice to think about it.

  8. Thank you, Fabiana, but it was Nina who got to go on the trip! You can always tell who's posted by the labels at the bottom. We've got 27 artists involved here...and I wish I COULD go!

  9. I feel that I see colour a lot differently from others - when in Europe I felt like I was too heavy handed with my colour as the light in Australia is so bright and harsh...so agree with that comment of Roz's. So have to try to adjust my eyes as well as colours. I never use cobalt blue for the sky in Australia but it is the standard colour when in the uk. I too find that my colours look differently when I am back home!

  10. Jessica, I've heard that about your light...I know it's different where my sister lives in Nevada, and I loved the light in Maine.

    Liz, I love hearing your perspective!


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