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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Watch for Interview #12--Laure Ferlita!

Laure's got a lot going on...and a lot going for her!  She's an astounding watercolorist (check out her work HERE) and she's the driving force and creator of the very imaginative and very popular "Imaginary Trips" classes online.

If you've ever wanted to go to Ireland, England, Italy, Paris, or other locales around the world, or you miss the beach, or the garden, but just can't swing the travel, you will LOVE these classes

This is one of the Paris images Laure shared for the book, Artist's Journal Workshop--I love the serene, intimate mood.

Laure also offers foundations and explorations classes on journaling as well as a mini-journaling class, seasonal mini-classes, events and more!

Don't miss her videos and tutorials...they're terrific!

If you've longed for a chance to go somewhere in person with Laure, here it is!  Imaginary Trips Made Real will take you to New Orleans in person, this fall!  Read all about it at the link...

....time to sketch and paint at each location;
....immersing yourself into your art without the everyday distractions;
....honing your skills through feedback from others and one-on-one critiques;
....making new friends and memories in beautiful locations around the world;
....taking the path less traveled and letting the adventure lead the way;
....experiencing culinary pleasures in exotic locales!

And of course Laure's Painted Thoughts blog is one of my favorites, full of inspiration and honesty. I learn a lot from Laure...you will too.  Thanks for being willing to be next up!


  1. It's going to be a good one, Pam!

    Of course, they all are...

  2. I sure have enjoyed them all :) I'm loving the book, Kate. Your labor of love is excellent and North Light did a great job!

  3. I'm super excited to see the new interview. Thanks for the heads-up. Laure is a fantastic teacher! I've been on board since her first Imaginary Trip to Paris and besides learning so much about sketching and painting -- I've received countless doses of inspiration from her blog!! I'm also anxious to see her pages (and the whole book) in the new book!

  4. Thanks very much, Miss Pam. I DO love it...and yes, they did a great job pulling it all together. My only regret is that I kept finding artists I wish I could have included, but after the deadline!

    Claire, I know she is! She's so generous with her talents...


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