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Friday, June 17, 2011

A fern and a clay beetle by Gay Kraeger

I love the Noodler's flex pen that came in the mail yesterday. I have been super busy at work, but I have decided to try and work in my journal more than I have been lately. Maybe this will help with more balance in my life. The flex pen delivery was a great incentive for a journal page.


  1. I think it DOES help balance us, Gaye...keeps me a lot saner. Or what passes for it!

  2. By the way, this is a lovely image, and your lettering really adds to it. And did I read "waterproof" walnut ink?? What brand, and where did you find it??

  3. Love this Kay! Me too.... what/where for the waterproof walnut ink :)

  4. I got my Noodler's flex pen yesterday, as well, and barely had time to load it and scratch out a sample on paper--it feels great so far. But, I had to finish a page with my new JetPen first. Now, with YOUR inspiration, Gay, I'm itching to go with it. Your lettering and page design are so inviting. Isn't it funny what a new tool will do for the creative urge? Thanks, all, for the pen recommendations.

  5. I find I love the flex pen for sketching, not so much for writing/lettering. Interesting, eh? NEED PRACTICE!

  6. Thanks everybody. The ink is Liquitex sepia. It is nice and transparent. Not really walnut ink, but looks like it. Pen seems to be working fine and not clogging.
    Kate, for practice you just need to address a few hundred wedding invitations.

  7. Thanks, Gay! It's gorgeous...

    And yes, I remember your mentioning that, for practice! Maybe not...

  8. Ah, yes, and I saw you'd said transparent Burnt Umber, but somehow the "walnut" made me think you were talking about two different things...something else to play with!


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