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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Waiting? Not a Problem :)

I so love having a small journal in my purse. Doctor visits are rarely without a wait.

I don't often sketch people and welcome the opportunity to practice. I'm getting more and more comfortable sketching faces and all in the comfort of my journal :)


  1. Waiting is sometimes NOT long enough when I'm trying to sketch! LOL!

    Fun sketches, Pam!

  2. Yes, Laure. I was just getting started with the gal on the top right. They called her in and I almost said "No...she can't go just yet!" Ha ha!

  3. I know that problem! There was almost no one at the eye doctor's this morning, so I started drawing their big philodendron, when they called ME! "No, I'm just getting the shape of that shadow..."


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