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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fruit, Flower & Berry Update

Fruit, Flower & Berry Update by PJBee
Fruit, Flower & Berry Update, a photo by PJBee on Flickr.
For a bit more story please visit Sketching in Nature blog.


  1. I love your fruit, flower, berry page. Do you do all the lettering on site or do you take the finished drawing and painting home to do the lettering on? You always have the most interesting compositions in your work. Fabulous.

  2. This is absolutely luscious! It IS fabulous, isn't it!

  3. Thank you, Kay! For this spread I did the lettering in the comfort of air conditioning :) I like to take my time with lettering and try to give deliberate thought as to where it's placed. I sketched everything plein air and added color to one or two of each type of leaf/nut/flower as reference. When I sketch outside I just fill the page and really don't worry about design - I'm too busy taking it all in :) The calligraphic touches helped me tie my field sketches together.

    Thank you Kate! I'm blushing :)


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