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Friday, June 24, 2011

New mini-video on using a single watercolor pencil to sketch with...

A fun technique I use a lot for sketching...a single pencil in a neutral shade for value, then either just blending that or adding a bit of watercolor!

The squiggles on the right are just to show the variety of lines and values you can get with one pencil...this one is my favorite Derwent Blue Grey 69, which goes EVERYWHERE with me.


  1. Lovely video Cathy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad you liked, Ann...I do have fun with them!

  3. You make this look so darn easy! I KNOW better!! LOL!

  4. I just received your book a few days ago and read about the blue gray pencil on the train to work yesterday and purchased it at lunchtime. (I am lucky to have Dick Blick Art Supplies 3 blocks from work.) So I was thrilled to see you demonstrate it. You make it look so easy. Great and inspiring video! Thank you.

  5. Completely agree with Elena's comment. I wish I could do that, and hopefully I will now that I just got your new book yesterday. LOVE IT !!!!

  6. Looking you at work I can see how every stroke is important. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks all! I love using a single pencil like this, they're SO versatile. And of course you can use black, or gray, or Indian red or purple or indigo or whatever...

  8. Love the video, Kate! :D Thank you for the wonderful tips!
    I got some watersoluble graphite pencils. Have you tried them already?
    I have one pencil from Stabilo named Stabilo All (that writes in paper, glass, plastic and metal) and is "aquarellable" and also a Cretacolor Marino, a graphite aquarell pencil. Everytime I use them I think of you. :D

    Will try to use this technique more. :)
    Thanks, Kate! I'm a big fan of your artwork. <3


  9. Thank you, Fabiana! Yes, I've used those--they're a LOT better now than when they came out years ago. FUN. (I did a demo for one of my mini-classes, but I can't remember which one!)

  10. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It's so inspiring!


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