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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


frustration by vickylw
frustration, a photo by vickylw on Flickr.
I had an appointment with a doctor Tuesday to discuss the results of x-rays and MRI on my hip and back --- only to find out that the MRI department had imaged my hip but not my back, even though both were ordered. So a pointless appointment and once more being stuffed like a sausage in the tube . . .

I was determined not to sketch more waiting rooms, but drew this decoration as I waited out of sheer frustration. His goofy grin helped me calm down and even laugh about the mistake. Good use of an art journal.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playing with the new Strathmore toned paper journal

I have a journal I use almost exclusively for writing, and decided I needed to try the new Strathmore hardbound journal when I ran out of my faves.

It's nice! Smooth surface, a pleasure to write in, tempting mid-tan color, and fun to do some art in, taking advantage of that middleground tone.

This is a Prismacolor dark grey pencil with touches of white...

Whee, more colored pencil and ink!

Pilot Penmanship pen with water-soluble ink, plus white Prismacolor and gouache.

And a female bluebird in gouache.  The paper really buckles VERY little, and it's just plain fun!
It was just a very quick pencil sketch...the gouache brings her to life!
I'd definitely recommend these...I'm having a ball trying out different mediums in addition to my daily journaling!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a new beginning

a new beginning by vickylw
a new beginning, a photo by vickylw on Flickr.
I've started a new sketchbook, with cleaned up palette and re-filled watercolor pans . . .

This handbound journal contains mostly Fabriano Artistico 140# hot press paper, plus a sample of Canson Dual 140# (cold press on one side, rough on the other). In the binding process, I forgot to add end papers . . . and found that I actually prefer it this way, using the same watercolor paper for end paper as well.

Though I'm no longer limiting myself to 3 primaries + 2 neutrals, I have larger pans of them in this palette. But I dropped Payne's Grey, switching to Monte Amiata Natural Sienna as my second neutral --- mixed grays and blacks are so much more interesting.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Playing with Primaries

I did this a few years ago with my basic primaries...in this case, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Phthalo Blue, and Quinacridone Red.  I was happy with this little farmscape.

Went for bolder mixes yesterday, in my journal...Quin, Rose, Phthalo Blue, and Hansa Yellow in this set.

You can go very subtle, too, if you wish...this is those same three primaries, but blended into varied blue grays.  (Hero M-86 pen with Polar Brown ink, for the under-drawing.)

So are you still experimenting?  Share on our Artist's Journal Workshop group on Facebook if you like! https://www.facebook.com/groups/artists.journal.workshop/?ref=ts&fref=ts or in our Flickr group!
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