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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Watch for Interview #11--Lapin!

The French artist who goes by the name of Lapin now lives in Spain and has the most wonderful style--strong, graphic, energetic and clean.  He's a correspondent on this blog as well as the Urban Sketchers blog...I'll bet you've seen his work!  Yum...great sketching tools, too, which you can read about on his blog.

He loves to work on old journals and ledgers he picks up secondhand...he says the paper's delicious.  Sure looks that way, too!  Take a look at this sketch of Veronique... doesn't the ledger paper give this an interesting effect?  I'd like to get to know her!  (And I KNOW I've kept an eye peeled for interesting ledger books at thrift stores...)

Lapin's travel books (check out the links at left on his web page) really capture locales around the world in fresh, immediate ways.   Visit Rome, Japan, New York, Mexico and more with the consummate traveler...I have a copy of this wonderful little book, a reproduction of one of his sketchbooks...sold out, unfortunately! http://laboutiquedelapin.bigcartel.com/product/lapin-%C3%A0-ramatuelle --take a peek anyway.

There will be lots more art when we run Interview #11 with Lapin...and of course in the meantime, don't miss his website: http://lesillustrationsdelapin.com/ or his blog, HERE!

Thanks, Lapin, I know this will be worth waiting for!  (Our tornado/thunderstorm season has kept me off the computer, just when I wanted to work!_


  1. Kate, the post to Lapin's blog in the next to last paragraph doesn't seem to work. It takes me to Blogger in Draft. Not sure if it's broken or maybe Blogger malfunctioning on my end.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, girl, I have NO idea how those wires got crossed! Fixed now...

  3. Great post! Thanks for the inspiration and an introduction to Lapin!

  4. I LOVE what he does with that ledger paper...


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