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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sandy Williams - Sharing my Space

After a couple of sleepless nights I resorted to a semi formal letter of entreaty to form a truce with my new roommate.  Check out my latest journal page, completed with a crowquill pen and Higgins ink, watercolor pencils and hope.


  1. Fabulous journal page - but I don't think I could sleep in your bedroom either. Keep us posted on the outcome....

  2. I am loving your page. I had this problem last summer with the smallest little field mouse. I found him awaiting rescue from my deep porcelain sink. Little paws crossed and sad little eyes looking up at me. I rounded him up in a mason jar and escorted him back to the woods. As he scampered away I swear he stopped looking back and waved. LOL

  3. Charming journal page! I hope this is a dream and not a real housemate.

  4. OH...I love it. I shared my bedroom with a couple of them until I could finally trick them out of there.

    Love the drawing.

  5. Oh dear! Dream on. If your mouse cooperates I'll be amazed. If you are tender hearted you could live trap him and relocate him. One fall we came home from Yellowstone with a mouse visitor in our van. He rearranged all our emergency food supplies before I live trapped him -- oatmeal in one boot and dry macaroni in the other boot!

  6. I love this, Sandy! And Elva, a friend of mine found kitchen food in their shoes upstairs in the bedroom! Mice are amazing little critters...

  7. Mice may be cute but they can carry deadly diseases including plague and various strains of hantavirus.

    Unless you need to hear at night I highly recommend foam ear plugs. They allow you to sleep anywhere including noisy hotel rooms and, most importantly, they eliminate difficulties with snoring partners.


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