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Thursday, February 2, 2012

January 2011: Evening Apples and Pen Experiment

Actually there were some pears in this glass bowl too :)

I recently acquired a new pen: it's a gel pen form Pilot and it 's called Frixion - you can erase it. But wait - the most interesting thing is that if you freeze the paper with some lines erased, they COME BACK! It was a major hit among my sketching pals this holiday season - our freezer was filled with notes to each other, Santa, martians and neighbor's cats.

But for me the lure was in it's not-so-black color and I wanted to see how it will work with watercolors, especially how erased lines would work with watercolors :)

So here is my experiment: the pen is waterproof and has a varied density of ink as you make lines (which might be frustrating but I like these little surprises). It can be erased from under watercolors too - but little trace of empty paper stays as I expected (see the area in the shadow right under the bowl). I am not sure how it will survive exposure to light and time I am not planning on using it constantly (imagine all the lines you ever erased coming back if you sketchbook travels with you to Norway) but it's a fun thing to play with and now
I am ready to make a treasure map - even on a very short notice!


  1. Thnanks for the hints I'll check if we have this Pilot here at Portugal.

  2. Oooh, looks like fun! I do have to wonder about lightfastness and such, but great for play. And wow, your drawing is wonderful, Nina!

  3. Very cool. I want this pen. I never erase and I only draw with ink, but every once in a while I wish I could.
    What store did you get it at? The drawing/painting is delightfully colored.


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