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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 2012: New Sketchbook Trial

March 2012: School Yard by apple-pine
March 2012: School Yard, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.
This time I am trying XL Mix Media sketchbook from Canson. This was the very first page and you can see that one watercolor layer made this paper buckle and so far I was not able to lift anything when painting with watercolors in this sketchbook: everything is absorbed immediately.One layer works great - but as soon as you do more - it turns grainy. I tried color pencils and different pens and they worked great so far. More scans so come :)


  1. I have one of these sketchbooks but haven't used it yet. I've heard other negative things about it though. I think I will end up using it for just dry media, as I don't think it will handle anything wet very well.

  2. I tested one against the Stillman & Birn Alpha and it pales in comparison. Colours are washed out.

  3. Interesting, I have one of these, and used it a lot during a class with Brenda Swenson last October. I liked it a lot, I didn't get much buckling, but I didn't flood it with water or do much wet-n-wet on it... I use 300 lbs paper for paintings like that. I loved the paper for pens and light washes... but I'm used to using watercolor on light weight sketchbooks like hand*book journals.

  4. A lovely sketch, in any case! Thanks for the test drive...I wonder if it was weather-related?

  5. it's holding fairly nice - especially if you avoid layering things. Keeps my touch lighter :)


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