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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Lettering Book!

Cheryl Gebhart, one of our regular readers, commented on THIS POST--she also suggests The Scrapbooker's Handwriting Workshop: 20 Unique Fonts to Practice and Play With (oops, out of print**) and it DOES look like fun!

**NOTE: I had the wrong link--this edition is NOT out of print: The Scrapbooker's Handwriting Workshop: 20 Unique Fonts to Practice and Play With

It's on Amazon, with the "Click to Look Inside" option, so I did.  (Don't forget to hit "Surprise me," you can see a lot more.)

Has anyone else used it?  Cheryl, can you tell us more about why you like it?

I can see I'm facing temptation again...


  1. Kate
    I love using ransom letters in my journals - you know individual letters cut from magazines and then arranged into words. I'll send a couple examples to you.

    Am really enjoying this blog.

  2. Judy, the samples you sent me are VERY cool! May I share them with the blog, please??

  3. Ransom letters sounds way cool - I hope Judy will let you share them here.

    Why do I like the book? The subtitle of the book is 20 Unique Fonts to Practice and Play With, and many of the fonts I've actually used. They're not difficult and each font has a couple of alternatives to expand the number even more. Because the book is geared towards scrapbooking, the examples are all scrapbook pages rather than journal pages, but even those can give you ideas for layout and other things to add to your pages. Overall, it has a good selection of usable fonts.

  4. This book looks like fun and has a nice practical approach. I've succumbed to its siren and ordered it. Amazon doesn't list any available (it's out of print) but it's available through Better World Books (http://betterworldbooks.com).

  5. Thanks, Cheryl! And Maria, oops, the spiral-bound version isn't out of print, so I added the link, above! Sorry all...


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